Brickchain Finance Weekly Digest #1

Ticker: BRICK Token

Emission rate:

  • 100 BRICK/block
  • 8% will be sent to the developer’s address for further partnership & developer funds.

Burning mechanism‌

  • 1% of the total amount of brick token is automatically burned after each transaction

Deflationary Mechanics:‌

  • Farms & pools will get corresponding bricks depending on the multiplier shown on the top left corner.‌


  • Timelock: 0x7289Cb0dAd995aA56ec1EC03E895db621F76FCaE
  • Builder: 0x7854fb0edd06a880ec8009c62b1aa38e26f9988d
  • BRICK: 0xc4daa5a9f2b832ed0f9bc579662883cd53ea9d61

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