Brickchain Finance Weekly Digest #3
2 min readMar 24, 2021


The second week is over and brickchain continues to grow and evolve!

Things are going fast on the brickchain community! Although we are only a two-week-old token, it seems as if months have passed due to the rate of events and new features added to the platform.

Our community is bigger and stronger each day (And sometimes a bit demanding… 😜 ) that refuels the team spirit to keep it pushing brickchain to the next level! Our dev team is working really hard to comply with the timelines as well as fixing the reported bugs. (sorry for the delay on that brick-cake farm APR’s 😔 )

We are also having advanced conversations with the most important auditing companies to add an extra-layer of security to our builders. We expect to be audited by the first week of April.

Tons of news for this week! But we must highlight two major events:

1) We were listed on coinmarketcap!🚀🚀
2) Partnership with ApeSwap🐵

Both events positioned brickchain on a new level. Today we have +1300 token holders and the average TVL is 3.5M! +75% from last week! That’s quite a big increase!

Apeswap Partnership made brickchain present to the huge apeswap public (+17k Twitter followers & +7k members on TG).

We hope this pool is just the beginning of a long and profitable relationship for both communities!

This week Achievements, day by day:

March 14:
➡️ UpNextCrypto video with +30k views on YouTube

March 15:
Issues solved:
✅ Compound interest button fixed
✅ Slippage % now shows on the exchange box.
✅ Total liquidity is now displaying on farms.

March 16:

March 17:
Listed on Coinmarketcap! 🚀 🚀 🚀

March 19:
🚜 New farms added 🚜


+ New Pools added:


March 20:

➡️ Listing on Blockfolio!
What we are working on:

  • Additional contract audit
  • Proper Tokenomic adjustments with a long-term vision
  • Collateralized loans
  • NFT support
  • Join our telegram group with +2600 active members to get the latest
  • Updates and support: